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Irish Govt. shielding and protecting criminals

The Irish government is sitting on 640 million euros of our 'reparation' monies and yet they refuse to act. We, as children, were responsible for the upkeep of these Industrial Schools and without our input the nuns and brothers would certainly have earned their keep! The Redress Board was a national scandal of which you are well aware. Crime does pay in this country! Witness the great thieves from the banks and builders living it up OUTSIDE this country and your lily livered Justice Minister refuses to act. Must be in the genes! A collar will not protect you from crime in this jurisdiction - Dermot you're a joke!
You say you're prepared to put 220 million euros from our monies towards a new children's hospital and yet you can't even agree on the site. The current site is owned by the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Charity. How much of an INDEMNITY will these congregations be receiving?
Meanwhile, survivors are dying and getting older by the day and you refuse to do anything. We have had enough at this stage. You've had months to decide on the outcome of the polls regarding our reparation monies and we need answers.
When these reparation monies were initially received, you put a man on to the board to oversee it along with others and then promptly removed him to oversee the NAMA fiasco. So much for your concern for the citizens! Plus this highlights to all and sundry your priorities. NAMA should never have happened.
You consistently refuse to deal with the Magdalene Laundry issue - perhaps you're waiting for their deaths too? Remember the world's eyes are on you and how you behave in the coming months will either stand for or against you. These issues will not go away! Get talking to those nuns! Perhaps you've done some further shady deals with them that we don't know about?
The Bethany Homes gravestone has to be erected and you will have to face your responsibility towards the deaths of those starved, abused and murdered children.
Given what's happening over the Roscommon Case and the continuous abuse over 10 years of those 6 children, Mary Harney and Barry Andrews should have their employment terminated immediately along with all the social workers involved in the case. It's too late when you appear on TV apologising - those children have been damaged and words will not heal them. Brendan Drumm has not earned his salary and it's now high time he returned his 70,000 euros bonus!!
The sentencing of these two evil monsters is a joke and the judiciary need to take a good look at sentencing where children are concerned and in the sentencing of rapists.
The question I ask and shall continue to ask is why none of the 18 RELIGIOUS CONGREGATIONS faced imprisonment for their crimes?
If you are not fit for purpose, and it would very much appear this way, then I suggest you hightail it out of there and leave thereins with some party that cares about its people first - not banks, builders nor developers! You too will have questions to answer in time. It happened on your watch Brian Cowen!!!!!
Hanora Brennan

HSE expense claims 2007 to 2010

Posted: 28 Oct 2010 10:12 AM PDT

In what we believe to be the largest single release of information since the inception of the Freedom of Information Act 12 years ago, the Health Service Executive (HSE) has released details of expense claims for everyone in the organisation over the past three and a half years. The datasets contain 316,307 rows, totaling EURO 260,450,676.60 (EURO 260.4m) broken down by HSE region, and in some cases by hospital/grade.

It has been difficult to calculate just how many people this relates to, but given that 100,000 people work for the HSE, we suspect the data relates to a great many people working within the organisation. And we should make clear that as far as we are concerned the vast, vast majority of claims are entirely legitimate. What we believe, and as we have always stated, is that this kind of information should be published as a matter of course by all public bodies, in open accessible formats, and on a regular basis.

There are a number of issues, however. Firstly the data varies. Each HSE region has released the data in different ways. Some have released more columns than others, some have helpfully condensed the data into single sheets. Others have released poorly, with the record accidentally cut short within cells.

Some readers have expressed surprise to us at the length of time it takes to get releases, so we will try to describe this more within blogposts. In this case the process took 3 months. The data element of our request went well over the 20 days allowed for reply and as a result we sought an internal review on the basis of deemed refusal. The HSE then met, and decided to release. We wish to praise the HSE in one significant respect. The HSE released the data in spreadsheets (xls as requested), on a memory stick (handy since the data comes to almost 1GB) and then sent the data via courier (though post would have been fine).If all bodies acted in this way it would help us all. Bodies who release data as PDFs take note.

We have also been made aware that as is common practice within public bodies, a notification was posted to the HSE internal intranet,informing all staff that expenses data had been released to a Mr Gavin Sheridan, and it would shortly be in the public domain. This has led to a significant number of Google searches over the past couple of weeks from HSE domains.

We are going to release this data in the unclean and raw way in which it was released. It was released several weeks ago to us and myself and Mark have spent a good deal of time cleaning the sheets and analysing them for potential follow-up (hence the quiet period around here of late). We will release those versions soon. We will be seeking the technical assistance of others in further cleaning and combining the data into a searchable database for any member of the public (or of the HSE) to access.

To kick things off, and in no particular order. Here are the expense claims of HSE South for 2007:

You can download the sheet by clicking (Google Spreadsheet) Download and choosing your preferred format. More in the coming days.


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