Welcome to this week's Xt3 Molested Catholics mail, where we highlight some of the great articles, videos and podcasts any other things of interest during the last week of interested to the Molested.

There are a number of new web sites popping up in regards Xt3 and Mary MacKillop Saint Mother Mary MacKillop and Xt3 Molested are just 2 of the recent ones.

The commercialization of Mary MacKillop has run riot across the country with fanaticized Mary-mania followers buying anything from post-cards and plastic key rings upwards. The church looks forward to making many millions of dollars both for itself and those who profit from church activities.

Our featured group this week are the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete. The Paracletes were one of the most profitable of our scams and even enabled Marciel to father and abuse his own children whilst bringing in millions of dollars into the church coffers. Whilst our own Kevin O'Donnell was not in the same financial class he was every bit of the rapist that Marciel was. Sadly we were unable to hold with the lie that the church was not aware of what the secular media terms sexual depravity and due to a range of other secular pressures the Servants of the Paracletes has had to be diminished somewhat; never-the-less they will lay dormant until their program can be raised again as this was one of the most financially prosperous systems in the Americas and was for a long time a very successful hideout. You can learn more on the Paracletes here.

Undoubtedly the hottest item of the week has been the fact that ZOO magazine has been able to financially exploit Mary MacKillop before us. This is a shame as many of our good workers have continued to dribble religious mumblings into the ears of the Prime Minister who must be the last atheist on the planet that loves sucking up to organized religion Visit ZOO for more!

The "Pedophile's Paradise"
What else would we provide for our priests see The Stranger for more!

One a lighter side
I tell a fellow survivor friend of mine sarcastically...just to make him laugh... that I was so ugly that the priest left me alone and to fit in with the rest of the gang I had to abuse myself. Australian for more!

We look like criminals, we act like criminals, we perpetrate crimes, we sexually abuse children's bodies and pollute their minds here.


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XT3 Molested Catholics News
Posted on 9:53am on October 26th 2010
What are the Greatest Challenges in the Catholic Church Today?
Evading our social responsibility and our moral obligation to those that we covered up crimes about.

In this page, we explore some of the estimates of the numbers we have been able to abuse and get away with.

Posted on 9:54am on October 26th 2010
Excommunication - we tighten up the rules so we can continue to count the dropouts as followers
Here we provide proof that our education systems are incapable of gaining an understanding as to why atheists and agnostics scored higher in their knowledge of Religion, than Catholics! link

Posted on 9:55am on October 26th 2010
Powerful Prayer
Another 2 billion prayers. Still no results but a billion Catholics have been duly tied up achieving nothing for days.

Church News
Posted on 9:56am on October 26th 2010
More than 2500 churches closed across the United States
Ken the Left-Handed, Shunned & Taxed Molested Catholic continues to run his program of closing down churches and schools under the pretext that this will keep children safe according to the despised secular ideals of secularism, equality and inclusion that they hold. To find out more on Xt3 Molested catholics click here

Posted on 9:58am on October
26th 2010
Forgive Us Our Trespasses as we trespass often
Keep asking for forgiveness for our crimes. If we keep that up long enough they will expect that there is some truth in it. Don't disappoint the masses now that we have them totally confused, besides prayers, apologies and begging costs us nothing read more.

Posted on 9:58am on October
26th 2010
Money, Money, Money its a Corrupted Catholic World
Get behind our drive for more Money, Money, Money. Always when apologizing for the sexual abuse of children you should follow with a statement that says "We did it. We only did it a little bit and if only the government would give us more money we would do it some more Donate - its tax deductible. Cry poor and cry poor often - minimize our crimes, minimize them often

Posted on 9:59am on October 26th 2010
On the Middle East
The war against the Muslim world continues unabated under the notion that we are supporting the downfall of terrorism. The church needs martyrs and there is no better way to get them than through being involved in a good war. Get in the spirit of insanity and help to prolong the pain and agony so many feel in the MiddleEast today.

Posted on 9:60am on October 26th 2010
Sinead says Burn the Vatican to the ground
The one thing the one true church does not need is for some Christian to expect us to act like Christians. There is work to be done and children to rape and money to be made so move on.

Posted on 9:62am on October 26th 2010
What Does it Mean to be Healed?
We genuinely don't know but if we can continue to sell the return to your abuser line as eventually the majority will suicide. Its a great ploy which we are exploiting and milking to the extreme to great effect. The Catholic Gospel for Sunday 31 October is about healing and thanksgiving. It is to tell of the story of the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus. This is about as remote from what survivors of clerical sexual abuse need so it is our best line to put forward and keeps us looking like the victim.

World News
Posted on 9:63am on October 26th 2010
Bishops of Chile say there is no money in the Successful Rescue of Miners
In an Oct. 14 statement,the Bishops' Conference of Chile expressed their "sadness" at their inability to be able to exploit and milk this human experience for all its worth from the peasants of this South American country.

The Pope has also been praying for the trapped miners during the ordeal in the hope of cashing in on that or with the idea in mind that in the future we can attribute a miracle to this.

Posted on 9:64am on October 14th 2010
Blood Money: The Business of Abortion
We continue to push hard to continue to control the reproductive rights of women. Surely they must realize that they are the empty vessel needed to breed more children as opportunities for molestation decrease in an ever more secularized world.

Visit this article to find out more...

Posted on 9:65am on October 14th 2010
A Recent Genocide: The Canadian Property Scam
Canadians celebrate Nothing as we continue to evade our responsibility for the genocide of 50,000 children over there. Recreant and compliant politicians abound in the land of the Maple leaf.Hidden from History.

Posted on 9:66am on October 14th 2010
Screwing Ireland: We screw over the entire country once again
It has all gone very quiet on the island of Ireland with regard to the Gang of 9, These are the 'trusties' that B16 has sent over on foot of the Ryan (Institutional clerical abuse) and the Murphy (Dublin Diocesan) Reports.

For decades, Irish society turned a blind eye to the heinous crimes being committed on the inmates of Industrial and Reformatory Schools. They suddenly developed a conscience last May when the Ryan Report was published and the vindication of the victims took place. You should have heard the exclamations of 'ooh's' and 'aah's' from the hypocritical hoi polloi!

Doctors, Police, Courts, Medical People and society at large acted as though this was their first time hearing of the gore and grime of the 18 clerical institutions that systemically brutalised their innocent charges.

This gang of 9 is not going to make a blind bit of difference to survivors or the outcome of their findings. This is B16 being a clever pussy and merely going through the motions UNTIL the next bombshell is dropped. Believe me, it won't be long in coming. I hear Africans are being educated at a rate of knots! Boy! Wait until they come out! Missionary Position anyone?.

Posted on 9:31am on October 26th 2010
Volunteer Molestation &Training Begins!
Over 7,500 volunteers have signed up to help out at World Youth Day2011 in Madrid! As volunteers are the backbone of WYD, training and molestation hasalready begun for many of the unfortunate volunteers. Click here to find out how we keep the lid on those abuses...