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The miracles of Mary MacKillop have quickly faded into the background as the reality of the global clergy abuse crisis within the Catholic church continues unabated across the globe.  This week we provide some links which the youth of all nations should read and comprehend before they commit themselves to a religion such as the current Catholic church. Many make good reading for those Catholics who have been sheltered from a genuine understanding of the history of their church and may help them towards asking questions as to why they were not made aware of these facts during their lifetime of involvement with their church.

The Committee of Pedophile Victims at College Notre-Dame
Victims of abuse perpetrated by pedophile priests are asking for a cut of the profits from an upcoming high mass celebrating the canonization of the Montreal Roman Catholic known as Brother Andre. The once prestigious Notre-Dame college in Montreal has attempted to distance itself from the church in a failed bid to hold its numbers. The college was once run by the Congregation of the Holy Cross which made a habit of sexually abusing attendees and like almost  other Catholic institutions across the world it followed the standard cover up practices as taught by the church.  Abuse victims want profits from Saint Andre mass

In a recent letter to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, the Acting Secretary of the six-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, (ITCCS) Reverend Kevin Annett, gave Canada and its churches four months to begin repatriating the remains of children who died in these schools, and bring to trial those responsible for their deaths.

Rev. Annett stated that the ITCCS had been approached and invited to conduct such an inquiry by "very many" aboriginal survivors of Indian Residential schools across Canada.

"After March1, 2011, the Tribunal will intervene and conduct any inquiry and forensic study which Canada refuses to do, at the invitation of survivors of Indian residential schools" stated Rev. Annett.

"The evidence is there, that many thousands of children died in residential schools. The continued refusal by Canada and its courts to prosecute those responsible is a clear obstruction of justice, and makes Canada an accessory to crimes against humanity." Canada given deadline by Tribunal to repatriate the dead, prosecute the guilty
Suggestion of the week goes to the survivor who put forward the idea of an International register
where survivors can register the names of everyday Catholics who have chosen to turn a blind eye or those who have aided and abetted the crimes of the Catholic church with the intention of having them cited and charged with complicity in crimes against humanity. 

In equal first place has been the suggestion to offer a confidential location for the increasing number of insiders and church workers who have access to information and documentation which they wish to get out to the public.
Let us know your thoughts, ideas and suggestion on these
AUSTRALIA. Healesville, Victoria.

The church has been found with its pedophile practices showing once again in the US where a convicted pedophile priest has been shown to have been transported Internationally as a means of keeping him within "the Faith".  Local San Diego television aired information on Friday showing how the priest is still in ministry and is still held in high regard in the local diocese. Gustavo Benson was  moved from San Diego region to the southern Mexican town of Ensenada despite the archdiocese knowing of his previous conviction for child molestation. In addition to the televised report local child protection advocates have uncovered a 1986 police report which shows that the priest plead "no contest" for abusing boys yet he remains in ministry and continues to have free access to children. San Diego has one of the poorest records for child protection and for covering up abuses against children in the US. More than 10,000 pages of documents were released recently with many new revelations coming from this - the church continues to fight the release of a further 2,000 documents which are known to contain further undisclosed information on pedophile priests.

A Roman Catholic diocese of Middlesbrough faces an UK Pounds8m compensation claim after three high court judges ruled that it owned and ran an institution where 142 former pupils are suing for abuse. The judges upheld an earlier ruling that the diocese was responsible for St William's Community Home, Market Weighton, Yorkshire, rather than the De La Salle Brothers, a Catholic order who worked there. The diocese did the usual by saying that its "thoughts and prayers" were with the alleged victims and their families so he likliehood of another million or so of wasted prayer time will result in no further progress from that aspect while so called good Catholics will feel they have contributed in a positive manner. The general opinion of survivors in the region is that the courts should sue the bastards into oblivion, they also want to claim possession of the Vatican as a memorial to the more than 30 million victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy who are alive today as well as the countless millions who died without any prospect or hope of justice. Read more
There is much satisfaction in watching and knowing how galling it is for Catholics to have to publicly acknowledge, Jews, Muslims, Hindus etc. A small step towards equality, democracy and human rights, however there is a long way to go yet. These words are great to hear for many however they usually signal that some bishop or some Catholic somewhere is going to raise yet another "moral and ethical dilemma" - thankfully we are not hearing these shrill and hypocritical extremist and dysfunctional views as often as we once did as it is genuinely impossible for the church to gain traction and credibility on any moral or ethical issues whilst the issue of accountability and restitution of the survivors of clergy abuse remains unresolved. The joke that is making its way around survivor circles is that it is now the covering up Catholics who have to work much much harder and that bring a sense of satisfaction to many.

The continuation of the attempts to control survivors through the media as a means of denying them a platform to air their grievances continues at a heightened pace and cost to the church and to Catholics in general.
The latest attempt at repression comes once again from the Vatican It is pleasing to see just how hard it is today for the spinners of "all the good work" of the church to get their message across to an ever more skeptical press and policing. Survivor's Voice was informed recently that the Vatican social communications officer, Mr. Scelzo, began informing members of the media yesterday that they will not be allowed to cover the Reformation Day event or film from the grounds of the Vatican. Survivor's Voice has also been denied permits for victims of clergy abuse to gather as a group on Vatican property. The event which is described as "A gathering of people from around the globe standing together with survivors of childhood sexual abuse in one united voice to say 'Enough!'" will go on as planned at the City Square in front of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome beginning at 6:00 pm on Sunday Evening, October 31st.
Others to receive a special mention in this regard are the bishops of Broome, Cairns and Toowoomba whose backlog of failures to respond to enquiries in regards their social justice work and their ethics are now legendary with some responses being outstanding for more than 5 years. The bishop of Toowoomba's entreaty to be supportive of those parents whose children were sexually abused at St Xaviers appears to only go as far as offering up words of prayer and a suitable line of SPIN in the local press. Needless to say there is every expectation that legal proceeding will continue and the bishop of course will defend the church with more of Toowoomba Catholics money going to this cause. It seems the bishop,  his staff and the local branch of Carelink cannot comprehend that the few thousand they have on offer along with the usual "commercial" in-confidence agreement somehow falls short from the lone spouted positions of the leading light of Christianity and the moral and ethical directors of the people of the world.

If you wish to talk or communicate with Catholics in Stillwater Minesota in the USA in regards the clergy abuse crisis it will pay to remember the following. To talk with a Stillwater archdiocese representative you need to pass a religious test before they are willing to speak with you. The test appears to be based on the fear that some parishioners and archdiocese workers may get to hear what the rest of the world knows. The basic requirements of the test are that you speak only of the good work of the church, you must be an outspoken believer in all things catholic and you must hold with the flopped "a few bad apples" theory in regards sexually abusive clergy. No discussions on the crimes of the clergy or of the right to justice for survivors will be entered into.
So there you have it folks. If you want to hunker down in a foxhole with a Stillwater Catholic there is an increasing amount of room available in that increasingly shrill environment according to the locals. Arguments and personal conflicts are on the rise in the region with some saying that this in inversely related to the requirement of not openly discussing the crimes, the criminals and the supportive behaviors of those criminals by local church employees.

Q Bishop, when did you first realize or learn that when an adult lays his hands on the genitals of a child and manipulates the genitals of a child and places them on the body of a child for sexual purposes,it was a crime? When did you first realize that?
A You know, it's really hard for me to say. I think society-

Q No, you.
A Me?
Q You.
A I think I thought, along with society, for so many years it was-
Q Bishop, I'm going to ask you to focus on the question.
Transcript of Bishop John Steinbock, questioned by Jeff Anderson during the Santillan v. Bishop of Fresno trial where priests swear obedience to the bishop yet the bishop could not find a way to keep the pedophiles off the street.
Q Are you aware, Bishop, in 98-- were you a Bishop in '85?
A Yes.
Q You were at the Catholic Conference of Bishops, were you not, where there was a presentation done by Father- a presentation and a paper presented by Father Thomas Doyle, Father Peterson, and Ray Mouton, were you not?
A I do not remember the name of anyone who gave the presentations.
Q Do you remember a presentation at Collegeville in St. John's in1985 where it was presented to all the Bishops in the executive session that there was a crisis and a problem of pedophilia in the priesthood?Do you remember hearing that?
A Well, I don't think at that time it was necessarily called a crisis, but there was a concern we have to have about this. I don't remember the word "crisis" being said.
Q Do you remember receiving information in that report from Father Doyle and any others in executive session, that if you don't address the issue, you and the other Bishops could face liability in the civil courts for damages?
A I don't remember that.
Q Do you remember hearing that it could be in the billions?
A I do not remember that at all.

According to Katrina Lee of the archdiocese of Sydney Australia on of the most popular features on the bishop from hell's xt3 web site is the "Ask a Priest" feature.
Survivors who have attempted to use this service report an immediate failure of the system or the failure of the priest to answer their questions. It seems that the archdiocese of Sydney has been in communication with those in Stillwater USA as they too appear to want to run a religious or "faith" test before they will vet your questions. Seems like God's little helpers need to demand that you come to them with the same bias and prejudice as the questions of survivors do not appear to make it past the initial tests. Seems this is a hurdle the church is increasingly encountering across the globe and must be restricting their outreach to survivors capabilities as just as the Australian government has learned in the Northern Territory recently the church finds itself with an increasingly polarized and embattled work force who is unable to direct those in need to a service which actually provides real and practical support - perhaps they have expended all their funds on the SPIN of "all the good work we do" and the usual bad accounting has left nothing for the real work. Sounds familiar in country after country where the church is involved in providing extension of government services particularly in the areas of child protection.
Feel free to ask a survivor a question - they answer them without the need of a highly paid job with car and phone allowances, superannuation or church hierarchy connections. Mail your questions to
The church got down to counting cartoon characters as a means of inflating their lagging numbers through claiming that Homer Simpson is a Catholic. The truth is that the church was simply showing off its sophisticated sense of humor and as a means of showing the world just how inclusive the church is. One has to wonder if the ideal Catholic to fill the vacancies in the priesthood with a cardboard cut out of Homer at each altar - a most fitting substitute, however the producers were quick to point out that Homer most definitely would not belong to today's Catholic world.
Hanora Brennan writes
The Irish government is sitting on 640 million euros of our 'reparation' monies and yet they refuse to act. We, as children, were responsible for the upkeep of these Industrial Schools and without our input the nuns and brothers would certainly have earned their keep! The Redress Board was a national scandal of which you are well aware. Crime does pay in this country! Witnessthe great thieves from the banks and builders living it up OUTSIDE thiscountry and your lily livered Justice Minister refuses to act. Must be in the genes! A collar will not protect you from crime in this jurisdiction - Dermot you're a joke!
You say you're prepared to put 220 million euros from our monies towards a new children's hospital and yet you can't even agree on the site. The current site is owned by the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Charity. How much of an INDEMNITY will these congregations be receiving? Read more on the complicity of God and Government
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