Welcome to this week's Xt3 Molested Catholics mail, where we highlight some of the recent and historical articles, videos and atrocities carried out around the world in the name of Christianity along with other things during the past week of interest to Molested Catholics in the third millennium.

Thank you this week goes to all our "Forwarders" of xt3 for Molested Catholics email in Spain, the country which had the most recent misfortune of a papal visit. Thank you.

No miracles were attributed this week to Mary MacKillop, Brother Andre or any other Saints. None have yet to produce anything tangible in the Saints v Sinners stakes, while many everyday Catholics are praying at an ever increasing pace while the legal lackeys of the sinning hierarchy are preying (and copping the bulk of parishioners funds - any wonder the poor church has to cry poor so often!) on every available legal tactic they can employ with some among them still touting that old homily that the church simply cannot afford to pay for its crimes while the perverted princes of the church continue to live in parishioner provided and paid for palaces as some among them spend up to $US30,000 on a single outfit. So while the paying Catholics get to look forward to their reward in heaven in the next life the prancing princes get theirs in this one. We must all feel re-assured that God would be looking on smiling knowing his name continues to be used to dupe and milk the followers while the abused and the starving are left with nothing but prayers and hope for justice and equality after they are dead - its been a good line in the past though it is becoming a harder sell in these harsh economic times.

The Workers and Supporters of the Archdiocese of San Diego
Added bonuses and a bonus towards your ticket to heaven. The good Catholic workers of San Diego have shown their courage and determination along with their limited capacity to rationalize reality. A great deal of parishioners funds have been extended in a failed attempt to keep secret 10,000 documents. Those in the employ of the archdiocese have gained notariety across the globe for being amongst the dumbest and the most deceived Catholics on the face of the planet - the jokes go along the lines of "Dumb. That's not dumb - wait until you meet a San Diego Catholic - now that is dumb. But wait; there is more. Wait until you meet a San Diego Catholic that works for the San Diego archdiocese."
We have been led to understand that many of the honorifics and job titles have been re-designed to bring this up to a century or so ago with new positions opened up with titles such as "The Holy Office of Pedophile Protector and Enabler" through to lowly staffing positions being upgraded to "Pedophile Assistant" and "The Secret Body for the Secret Management of the Secret Property Management Scammers".Probably one of the most enjoyable reads came from a San Diego Catholic school teacher (name and details withheld) who said "the only thing keeping her a Catholic these past years is the monthly pay check.", "the joke of it is that there are those here who feel that if we provided a genuine education to the children of the inculcated we would be out of a job for speaking the truth, after all we are a employed to provide a Catholic Education."
Europe appears to be on the verge of a new financial windfall with forward orders for pies flooding in for next weeks masses.

Video footage has shown a young man hitting Belgium's top Archbishop Andre Leonard in  the face with a pie during an All Saints' Day service, according to a report in The Age.

A church official said the archbishop would not press charges.

The incident follows weeks of reports about statements by the Archbishop and other turmoil within the country's Catholic Church over cases of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. 
The bishop also lost his recently appointed spokesperson who stated "Archbishop Leonard has sometimes acted like someone who's driving against the traffic and thinks everyone else is wrong," 

It is good to see this level of maturity reaching the upper echelons of the church as usually people who do this type of thing would have been deemed to be psychiatrically disturbed although after the bishops recent statement they probably decided that was too much of a hard sell. The video footage by a front pew Catholic can be viewed here. Some recent posts we spotted on the bishops Facebook Wall "... after years of dealing with the sexual abuse at the hands of your fellow clergy I don't have the funds to pay for air travel just to slap you in the face with a pie. However I do have the funds for a few pies and a few contacts - when is your next public appearance?" Most of these types of comments appear to be short lived however as the author of several comments we read told us that they are doing church workers a service by keeping them occupied in the hopeless task of keeping up appearances. The author went on to say that while Catholics are occupied on the job of pretend in the online world at least they have less time to protect or enable the pedophiles.

I met a man today who told me of waking every morning and telling himself he was better than his childhood abuser and of how he forgave him each day due to his superior intellect and ability. I wondered if in his daily moments of delusion if he realized how this type of abeyance to your abuser actually endangers other children and permits a known pedophile to be able to operate freely within the church.
I also wondered how long he would continue to degrade himself and others on a daily basis as those who have survived their abuse well simply do not need reminding on a daily basis as they learned that lesson long ago. Needing to be reminded on a daily basis does give an indication to the repetition and regularity of the denial required, this appears to emanate from a deeply entrenched religious upbringing and suits religious ideals and thinking - it does not suit or fit with democracy and rule of law, of protecting children and looking after your neighbor.
There can be no good that can come to a society from advocating deferring from the rule of law, democracy, equality and human rights in this life for the personal belief of judgment in the next. In this life that is called perverting the course of justice.
AUSTRALIA. Healesville, Victoria still.

While there have been no studies in regards the best methods of reporting childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the failings of the church systems from a human perspective. Whilst the systems, mostly in the guise of "independent" commissions of some sort, paid for by the church, answerable to the church and most often operated by a legal entity with the authority to flip flop from civil to canon law in their 'investigations'. These appear to be a modern day version of aspects of the Inquisition due to the harm they bring to those they have contact with. Many are accompanied by "Independent" panels stacked with Catholic psychiatrists, survivors and members of the Catholic laity. (Independent in these circumstances would at a minimum require these bodies to be agnostic or atheist else they simply cannot be deemed independent - there is less chance of that when these bodies are stacked with "good Catholics".)
The Australian example found in Melbourne is a role model of ruthless efficiency

As we know many survivors have had to live very different lives than the majority of the population. One survivor related how working for the Mafia whilst traveling through the US was an interesting interlude, however the sentiment he expressed in the statement "they were more honest to deal with than the Catholic church. There were no mind games like the church although some used confession to ease their conscience or perhaps it was just a front they played, however they paid you and they were straight with you. If it ever came to making a deal with the Mob or with a devout Catholic I would choose the Mob any day as they only kill you once!" speaks plenty for the diverse lives of many survivors. The real stories of survivors are those who made there way in society despite the abysmal 'education' they received at the hands of abusive clergy and nuns. Kudos to them and hopefully we will get to hear from more survivors and their escapades. The loftiest of all of those stories would have to go to the City of Angels Lady - Kay Ebeling who flew parabolas with NASA.

I trained to do this blog at NASA

9/1978 to 3/1981 I was editor of Space News Roundup Check them out. Also at CityofAngels2 we will soon be telling the story of What Really Happened at NASA.
Look for the photo of Kay towards the bottom of the page, send her some Hi-Fives to help her on her upcoming journey across the US which will culminate in 2012 for the 10th anniversary of the Boston disclosures where Kay will blog on all the 'good work' the church has done in the 10 years since these major disclosures in the US. Kay, whose own claim is barred has never received any form of support from the church however the City of Angels Lady has now possibly published more on the issues than The Boston Globe itself. Kay has been responsible for a plethora of disclosures and has directly and indirectly assisted many survivors in obtaining settlements, evidence, witnesses and support. The work of this one Angel Lady far exceeds all the efforts of Mary MacKillop in bringing these abusers to justice. Well done Kay on your years of work supporting survivors.

If it isn't Roman Catholic then it's not a proper Church, Pope tells Christians
If it protects pedophiles and its religion then its Catholic, Survivors tell Christians

Politicians and clergy continue with the farce that if you do not speak of the problem then there is no problem.Recently posted to the blog of Tony Abbott the federal member for Warringah, and the Opposition Leader.

I would like to make this an opportunity to open up the discussion on a more complete picture of the outcomes due to the failings of the Catholic church to be able to address appropriately the issues of restoration, justice and healing towards survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic and other clergy.

Undoubtedly when one religion is able to continue in the manner of the current Catholic church it simply sends the message that if you belong to the Catholic religion then you are permitted to self manage your own civil crimes.

Tony as you are aware (with the hundreds of emails and contacts made in this regard that I am aware of it is simply impossible to say otherwise) there are genuinely discriminatory activity and barring against particular sets of survivors. The unwritten but unmistakable point of discrimination comes when an individual survivor has had to reject the vast majority of the teachings of the Catholic church simply in order to survive.  There are simply no services or avenues of communication available that provides such independence so perhaps that could be a priority point for discussion as this is the area that pushes an already at high risk demographic over the edge. Many who experience this describe it as planned and willful. The survivors of these crimes are deserving of their full rights and justice and the Australian people are deserving of a full and independent investigation into what many describe and experience as crimes against humanity.

These are crimes against humanity targeted specifically at those who have had to step to enable their continued survival or who have become critical of the harmful processes and operations of current services provided as these are also the activities and processes which prolong the cover up and prolong the pain of all of us touched by these horrors.

The vast majority (estimated at 80+%) of survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy if they are to be dealt with humanely must be provided with genuinely independent services. There have been many attempts to have the church and/or government to acknowledge that only openness and inclusion of survivors can bring understanding.

Survivors require a separation and between health/support services and they require an independence from the religion for their psychologically safety and for the progress of their healing - this is currently denied to this specific demographic and should not be permitted to continue.  It may be unfortunate, however it is a fact that these survivors simply cannot re-accept the same deceptions used to access them as children as a part of the provided 'healing' by church processes.

This one topic that is seemingly taboo for open discussion is identified more in society than just the survivors of abuse as the Church operating outside the law and the spirit of the law and outside our ideals of a secular and Democratic society, a society which aims upholds the human rights of all Australians equally even if they are survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic or other clergy.

There is much that the whole of Australia can gain from an open discussion towards a solution to these human rights issues by way of managing and controlling the widespread impact it brings to our society; as well it brings with it many confused messages to our youth and to the population at large.

Tony, will you meet openly with survivors and champion their cause for justice for the abused and the protection and safety of children of the future from the same abuses?


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